Custom Horticultural Labels
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Welcome to PotStikr
Potstikr is an innovative web service designed especially for small nurseries and hobbyists which allows you to
  • Order professional quality, custom printed pot sticks mailed the next day.
    • We use thick and durable 24 mil, 5 x 9/16 inch polyethylene plant labels for a long-lasting and professional look.
    • Our 300dpi thermal wax-resin transfer process guarantees long print life.
    • Design your labels online and upload your inventory - you can print a thousand labels, all different, or a thousand copies of the same one.
  • Manage your inventory
    • Keep your inventory online for easy access.
    • Attach photos, records and descriptive text to your records.
    • Upload CSV files quickly and easily to our online database.
    • Share your plants with others online.

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